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Compositeur suédois vivant à Paris
Musique pour le cinéma, publicité, documentaires
( Arte, Canal +, Autour de Minuit, Films d'Ici )
Erik Wedin is a swedish composer and sound designer currently living in Paris.
His training in classical piano and clarinet, the participation in several groups and orchestras throughout the years, together with engineering and acoustics studies in both Stockholm and Berlin, has shaped his approach to his work: music is sound and sound is music.
Among his clients are french/german channel Arte, for which he has composed music to documentaries and series; french public television, working on sound idents for several of their channels. He is also working with directors on short, dance and animation films (Canal+ and Partizan) as well as adverts for Cartier, Issey Miyake and Dior among others brands.

To hear a selection of his work, visit www.erikwedin.com